about us

maks & blaze is no ordinary jewellery and accessories design and procurement business. We're a unique and trending development and service delivery company driven by a key principle: innovation. It is this that allows us to source bespoke items for our clients that reflect individuality and speak without saying a word.

Not only do we supply beautiful products, we also offer a range of specialised services including:

  • Trend forecasting relevant to local markets in line with international trending
  • Designing products that have real relevance at retailer price points and product assortments
  • Statistically analysing both retailer sales and consumer needs
  • Offices in Johannesburg and Yiwu, China, keeping a close relationship with our factories so that we never compromise on quality and can always source new and progressive products and applications with speed and efficiency
  • Both Asia Inspection and ISO ensuring our products meet the international quality standards
  • A centralised warehouse facility in Durban, South Africa, so that processing and packing runs smoothly and meets our customers' needs
  • A sophisticated workflow process for tracking products from design to delivery

Established in 2004 by Lisa Storer, maks & blaze employs a dynamic team of 42 industrious and proactive individuals with over 160 collective years of experience. The team who services major retailers throughout Africa focuses on the physical and intellectual contribution they can give our clients. Every relationship is a partnership.

maks & blaze designs, procures and distributes approximately 300 000 units per month to our clients' central distribution centres throughout Southern Africa. The team's driving force is to obtain a 95% on-time delivery record, as well as a 95% first-time Asia Inspection pass rate.

maks & blaze endeavours to take the guesswork out of procurement; it is hard facts routed in relevant trends that drives our sales team. Every member of the team contributes to this commitment to our clients’ product sell-off rate by use of statistical analysis to formulate ranges that are in style and priced right.

We have recently opened an office in Yiwu, China, to ensure that the ethos and integrity of the company, and our products, is maintained throughout our production network.

Without vision we fly in the dark, which is why we use our vision as a guiding light for everything we do.

We have three pillars of success that craft our vision:

  • Innovation in our products
  • Design of a contemporary nature
  • On-time delivery of beautiful products

These pillars, and our unique commitment to bespoke, innovative solutions in our field, have yielded our vision: Unique products delivered through innovation, design and logistics.

So who are these hardworking and innovative individuals that make up the soul of maks & blaze?

Well, we only work with the best and so every person on our team displays a passion for fashion and design. They have a talented and industrious mindset with a drive to deliver service and solutions that really work.